The SYNQ Marketing Group Team,
A Branding Agency with a Mission

We want to earn the opportunity to be the partner you can always trust for your important projects and programs.

Our Brand Promise

To be the one, reliable source for every client’s promotional, print, eCommerce and digital media solutions. To use our extensive experience and vast network of infinite resources to deliver integrated solutions, helping you build a more successful business.


The unique value SYNQ Marketing Group brings to our clients is our commitment to being your creative business partner – not simply your product vendor. Through working closely with you, our team will simplify your current processes and plan toward your future goals.

Most companies need to do just one thing to streamline workflows, grow revenue and protect their brand across marketing programs – they need to partner smarter. We understand that one of your main concerns is increased return on investment and SYNQ is well-equipped to impact your bottom line via both transactional and administrative savings.

  • Reduce transactional spend on apparel, print and promotional merchandise by leveraging $500,000,000 purchasing power, preferred pricing from our manufacturing partners and proactive planning to tap into our overseas relationships. In addition, our on-demand production capabilities allow us to deliver personalized merchandise in short turn times with little to no inventory commitment.
  • Reduce the time and resources you spend on your promotional and print projects by managing the entire process. Our user-friendly eCommerce platform is a secure, intuitive tool that allows you to order, manage, track, report and pay for transactions 24/7. For special orders, you make one phone call and we manage the process from there.
  • Eliminate redundancy in product selection and order placement. One of the key benefits of working with a single partner is the bird’s-eye view we will have of spending across your company. This provides yet another opportunity for SYNQ to step in as a consultant and suggest opportunities to save via a company-wide spend.
  • Protect your brand over multiple manufacturing platforms, control the way it is used on custom imprinted products and make sure your logo standards are consistent across marketing pieces. Your brand is a valuable asset. SYNQ combines built-in technology controls with personal attention to ensure compliance.




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